Pregnancy Belt and the Reasons Why You Need to Wear One

Pregnancy Belt and the Reasons Why You Need to Wear One

What is a pregnancy / belly belt

As your baby increases in weight and size, so will your belly. This can be manageable, but several women need an additional level of support.

The maternity belt, also called a belly, or pregnancy belt is an excellent product for you to use if the weight of your belly causes discomfort. The belly belt is a band specially designed to wrap around and under your belly. It has many benefits for a pregnant woman. It helps by providing better support and relieving back and pelvic tension. It can also assist you to feel more relaxed and secure throughout the pregnancy. 

Pros of belly belt

  • Helps reduce pain
  • Round ligament pain
  • Back and joint pain
  • Reduces pressure on the pelvic area
  • Permits you to carry out your daily activities
  • Allows you to do pregnancy exercises
  • Helps improve posture
  • Provides support for the uterus
  • Excellent for use after delivery

How to choose the belly belt that’s right for you

When purchasing a belly belt, it is essential to find one that will effectively solve your problems. Take the time and don’t rush. It is necessary to feel comfortable with the chosen pregnancy belt.

Simple tips when choosing the right belly belt. The belly belt should:

  • Help manage your discomfort
  • Support areas that need support the most
  • Fits you correctly
  • Be of good quality

Washing your belly belt according to the manufacturer’s instructions, will prolong its use and make it work as it should.

9 Most Comfortable Maternity Belts to Wear During Pregnancy

AZMED Maternity Belt

The AZMED maternity belt supports the weight of pregnancy and puts less stress on the spine, which helps relieve pelvic, hip, and back pain.

AZMED Maternity Belt
AZMED Maternity Belt, buy on Amazon


  • This elastic maternity belt offers support to pregnant women who want to relieve pelvic and hip pain
  • It does not make you feel hot and oily under the belt
  • It Supports swelling with a slight compression in the abdominal region
  • It supports weak abdominal muscles and helps to correct posture during and after pregnancy

NEOtech Maternity Belt

The NEOtech pregnancy belt fits comfortably with your clothes with an aerodynamic design and all the assistance that pregnant women might need. 

NEOtech Maternity Belt
NEOtech Maternity Belt, buy on Amazon

An outstanding feature of this belt is the double-sided Velcro. Velcro is designed to be used on clothing because it can be massive and overwhelming on any fabric placed on it.


  • As your belly increases, you can resize the entire belt with an easy-to-use system
  • It is specially designed for women with low back pain
  • The design is simplistic, and the colors are bright, so you can use them on your clothes without drawing attention
  • Adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth during pregnancy.
  • It’s a fabric designed with an elastic lining. It can be used in standing or walking positions

Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt

The Gabrialla maternity belt is a pregnancy support belt made in the United States with medium size strength, belly band for exercising and running mothers. The Gabriella Maternity Support Belt provides complete relief from abdominal and back pain. It is beneficial for postpartum recovery.

Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt
Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt, buy on Amazon


  • The belt has a back pocket that provides relief for cold and heat therapy
  • It has been designed to increase blood flow to the lower back, to help relax muscles and reduce pain
  • It provides correct posture and reduces the risk of stretch marks
  • It is made of cotton (30%), polyester (50%), and lycra (20%)
  • Its distinctive design makes it invisible underpants
  • It is flexible, adjustable, and comfortable for daily use
  • It is an excellent belt for mothers, which provides additional support during exercise, as well as more balance and stability

NEOtech Care brand

NEOtech care band is a fully adjustable belly band that can enlarge to the desired size of the belly.

NEOtech Care brand
NEOtech Care brand, buy on Amazon


  • It is made of breathable fabric
  • It has a multilayer layer with cotton or elastic lining
  • It comes with an abdominal lifting accessory that keeps the belt in place and exerts less pressure on the spine

JILL & JOEY Maternity Belt

JILL & JOEY maternity belt reduces pain in the hips, pelvis, and other common areas, providing support for the belly and back.

JILL & JOEY Maternity Belt
JILL & JOEY Maternity Belt, buy on Amazon

It is made of soft cotton, and the waist size is adjustable up to 45 inches, which guarantees good compression.


  • Provide full support for the back and belly
  • Reduce swelling of the feet, hands, and legs
  • It can correct your posture
  • It reduces pregnancy pain
  • It is made of soft cotton

KeaBabies Maternity Support Belt

KeaBabies maternity support belt helps distribute weight evenly around a pregnant woman’s belly, providing full 360-degree support for pain relief during pregnancy, such as:

  • low back pain
  • round ligament pain
  • Posture correction
KeaBabies Maternity Support Belt
KeaBabies Maternity Support Belt, buy on Amazon


  • It helps to distribute the weight evenly around the hips and pelvis to provide optimal support for the pregnant belly
  • It is easy to use; you can even forget that it is in the belly
  • It will correct your posture to relieve back pain, pelvic floor pain, and round ligament pain during pregnancy
  • It provides the lift you need to continue daily activities or workout activities. It makes you feel safer and more comfortable

Maternity Belt

Its quality is impressive, with a fully flexible packaging to adapt to abdominal growth during pregnancy. A lifting accessory is also included in this set for three purposes; it provides lifts without the need for pressure, keeping the belt in place and ultimately avoiding a rolling belt.

Maternity Belt
Maternity belt, buy on Amazon


  • The maternity belt for pregnant women stretches to the required dimensions (L, XL, XXL) and can be adjusted during pregnancy and postpartum
  • The curved design of the pregnancy belt supports the waist and calm abdominal pressure and sciatic nerves, hips, back, abdomen, pelvis, and pain in the stomach
  • The pregnancy belt offers enough stretch, and you can use it for all your daily activities
  • Reduces pain and supports the abdomen while growing in the belly, especially for mothers with twins
  • Thousands of moms find it useful and practical

SUISONG Maternity Belt

It is a maternity belt, which scientifically supports from the lower abdomen and offers a real experience of use without pressure in several stages during pregnancy. It is more convenient to regulate the stiffness.

SUISONG Maternity Belt
SUISONG maternity belt, buy on Amazon


  • It constitutes of three-dimensional lifting design, which makes the belly band breathable, soft, and elastic
  • No matter when you sit, walk, and move, it works with postural changes. It does not compress or load the abdomen, but it helps reduce pregnancy lines
  • With its specially designed suspender, it can be adjusted to the most comfortable condition you need for each period of pregnancy

Note: Do not use it in the state of sitting or driving for a long time.

Maternity Belt 2.0

The maternity belt 2.0 is a two in one belt for your whole pregnancy and postpartum recovery, breathable back, and pelvic support. It is created to be used during daily activities. It is made of a soft and breathable material that can be worn comfortably under any garment.

Maternity Belt 2.0
Maternity Belt 2.0, buy on Amazon


  • It is effortless to wear and fully adjustable entirely to your comfort level with sticky strap
  • Helps relieve the pain and discomfort of pregnancy
  • It promotes proper posture and balance, allowing you to continue an active lifestyle, such as running and walking

What is the difference between belly band and maternity belts?

Bands and belts may look similar, but they are different:

A belly band is a garment that looks like a tube top. It makes your pregnancy clothes fit you by compressing the abdomen area. It is elastic and flexible enough to accommodate the growing belly.

A maternity belt supports the abdomen when you need help carrying your growing belly. It relieves tension in the back and pelvis.

Tips for wearing a belt to support pregnancy

  • Do not buy a maternity belt without consulting your doctor. He/she will tell you if you should wear a belt and what type of belt you can use
  • Each pregnancy is different; even the styles and models that work for you may be different. Choose a maternity belt based on its design and think about how it can support your tummy and relieve pain. The best way is to follow the doctor’s recommendations
  • If you experience pain or discomfort during the night, wear the maternity belt while sleeping. It alleviates the inconvenience and gives you a good sleep
  • Measure your waist size and use size charts before buying maternity belts
  • You do not need to wear a belt every day. You may be without a belt on days when you do not feel pain or if you are too tired to wear the belt.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the maternity belt. Misuse of the belt or maternity belt can lead to problems such as back pain and increased discomfort

Final Thoughts

Remember that maternity belts have side effects. They can increase pain, cause skin irritation and discomfort, and even cause changes in heart rate.

Pregnancy does not imply that you have to disconnect from all the activities that you enjoy. You can take advantage of this significant phase if you get the right accessories for the pregnancy.

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