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Stroller Finder, How to Choose the Ultimate Baby Stroller

Buying a stroller can be a pain. This FREE online questionnaire might help

Narrowing down your choice to the perfect stroller for your lifestyle can be difficult. In a bid to avert this, the Stroller Finder filters the best stroller options based on the answers you provide, i.e baby’s age, favorite mode of transportation, your height. The innovative AI algorithm uses only the most important things you need to consider when buying a stroller.

Plus, the stroller price comparison will make sure you’ll get the best deal in the market. It basically saves you hours of researching the web 🙂

Fun, Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Questionnaire

If you’re curious about the “behind the scenes” mechanism of the stroller finder, here are the features it takes into consideration:

Baby’s age

This factor is very important. Infants up to three months old cannot be put directly into most strollers and would be safer in a car seat carrier. You should get strollers with lay-flat recline and adjustable footrest if your child is three months or lower so that they are comfortable and safe.

Stroller types

●     Full-sized stroller: This type usually comes as a single or double. You may get some tandem and it’s compatible for babies up until toddler.

●     Lightweight or umbrella stroller: This comes off as very light and is best used in airplanes during long trips. The canopy also blocks UV light during outdoor walks.

●     Jogging stroller: If you’re outdoorsy, then this is the best choice. It has air-filled tires for shock absorption and the front tire comes with an auto-lock feature. We recommend that your baby is older than 6 months if you have to use this type.

●     Car Seat Carrier: You can attach a baby car seat to these strollers without having to disturb your child when transferring them onto the stroller.

●     Double stroller: This is perfect if you plan to have a second baby as it comes with a double-seat feature. Some modular strollers accept an extra seat which can be attached firmly.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

●     Travel system: If you want to use your infant car seat with your stroller, then this is the perfect choice. It’s nice for easy trips to the store and most strollers accept specific car seats.


We’re sure you don’t want to get body aches eventually after buying your stroller. To avoid this, select a lightweight to medium-sized stroller. In terms of convenience, a one-hand fold stroller is perfect but you’ll need a bit of a learning period before you get used to it. Another great plus is the easy fold feature:

Delta Children The Clutch Stroller

Easy Folding is Oddly Satisfying


Maneuverability is very important as you want to avoid getting really frustrated when pushing your stroller. Wheels are the biggest contributing factor to maneuverability. The best wheels are air-filled types in contrast to the foam-filled, rubber or plastic types. The larger and the more the number of wheels a stroller has, the easier it is to push around. One-hand grip strollers also make it easy for you to handle a stroller.

Baby Jogger Anniversary City Mini GT Stroller

One Hand Grip Strollers are Easier to Move Around


We cannot emphasize this factor enough in combination with the others. Sometimes, having the most expensive is not necessarily the best. Strollers come in different prices ranging from budget-friendly single / lightweight strollers to high-end double types. We advise that you set a maximum budget in mind as this will help you narrow down your choice. Use the Price Range filter to fit your budget.

Following Your Budget is Easy Peasy


It’s advisable to check the fold dimensions and see if it fits nicely in your car or other means of transport. For instance, a double stroller is pretty wide after folding and might not fit in a compact car trunk. Lightweight strollers on the other hand are super easy to fold and there’s almost nowhere they won’t fit into.

Delta Children The Clutch Stroller

Delta Children The Clutch Stroller


Make sure that your choice is safe to push around and has a firm grip on your child. Use this 5-point safety harness tutorial to secure your child into position.

5 Point Harness Tutorial

Stroller design

We know that every 21st century parent wants to get that extra sleek design for their stroller. We’ve got a variety of design colors that are going to catch your attention.

Nice to have features

In a bid to wrap this up, some must-have features worth mentioning include adjustable handlebar (telescoping or pivoting), adjustable canopy for UV protection, one-hand fold, cup holders, storage basket, brakes (hand brakes or foot brakes), reclining seat positions (some have up to four), among others.

With these tips in mind, check out our variety of strollers to pick the perfect one for you.