How to pick the perfect baby name

How to pick the perfect baby name

Deciding on the perfect name for your baby can surely be nerve-racking, but it can also be a thrilling task for you. You don’t consider how exhausting it can be to choose a name for another human being until you get hit in the face by millions of options on the internet, especially when you realize that your little bundle of joy is going to carry that name for their entire life. Intimidating, isn’t it?

If you’re worrying over the choices, then don’t. Below are some tips from parents at Sleepless Parent who’ve already ‘been there, done that’.

How to choose a baby name

How to choose a baby name

To make your job easy, we have come up with a perfect solution for you, and that is (drum roll please), the Baby Name Generator. This will make your job so easy; gone are the days when you have to buy a book called “1000 names for your baby in alphabetical order”, and manually search for the names and their meaning.

Find a baby name in 5 minutes with the Baby Name Generator

All you got to do is enter your options, whether you want a boy / girl baby name or even a unisex name, in case you don’t know the gender of the baby.

Then, choose whether you want a unique or a trendy name for your baby. After this, you can choose whether you want a long name or a short one or either is fine by you. The next option is my favourite one, and it is, you get to choose a category that you want the name related to. The categories range from Biblical, Movies, Mythology, Fashion, Nature, Music, Sports, Literature, and Celestial.

These categories not only narrow down the options for you, but you can also click on the name you like and read about its origin, meaning, the name’s popularity, statistics about how many girls and boys have been named that particular name, and you can also know how the name is pronounced. Checkout Liam for example.

If you happen to like more than one name, you can heart it and later revisit the names you liked (if this ain’t easy then what is, right?).

Now, how do you select a name? Should you go with a family name or a name that is unique or trendy? Well, it all depends on you and your partner and how you feel your child should be called when she grows up. But, there are some things you can consider before naming your child, like:

1. The sound of the baby name

When you search for a name, say the name you like out loud and see how it feels to hear the full name. Is it too odd? Does the whole name rhyme? Will other children bully my child based on his name? Or will they call your sweet little Peggy ‘Piggy Peggy’, (why are children so cruel sometimes?). So, look out for names that don’t have a rhyme with another thing or the name sounds really funny when said out loud.

One of the things I like about the Baby Name Generator is you don’t have to scratch your head on deciding how to pronounce your name, it will do it for you.

2. The meaning of the name

Checkout a name’s origin and meaning, since sometimes some names that we might have absolutely fallen in love with have a different meaning which we don’t want our child to be associated with, like the name ‘Cameron’ which means a “bent nose”.

3. The initials of the name

You don’t want your child’s initials to be a curse word for other kids. Initials that turn into a nickname like CJ for Candice Jones are nice, but if your child’s name is Adam Steven Smith, then this is just a recipe for disaster 🙂

Sleepless Parent makes things way easier for parents who are looking to pick out the perfect name for their baby. You can select the letter which you want the name to start with. This way, you can see how your baby’s name initials will look like.

4. Consider family names

Find out the family tree of your family and your husband’s family and look out for names that really interest you. You can honor your grandparents or parents or any relatives who are closer to your heart by naming your child their name. But, if you have doubts about what the name means then you can always search it at Baby Name Generator, and find out the meaning.

5. The popularity of the name

There’s nothing wrong with naming your child a name that you’ve might’ve heard hundreds of times. Your neighbor, your classmate, and your cousin’s name are Adam but that doesn’t mean that Adam is not a good choice.

Also, studies show that common names or names which are very easy to pronounce are people who are more likely to be selected in a job interview, or get promotions or elected.

6. Original name

While naming your child a common name is not a wrong thing, similarly naming her an uncommon or a unique name is not wrong at all as long as the meaning or the sound of the name isn’t funny.

If you want to name your baby after a specific origin, like you want a Scottish name or beautiful French name for your little girl, or if you have always been in love with Irish names or Italian names, you can select one from multiple categories at Sleepless Parent and pick your favourite one.

Key takeaway

At Sleepless Parent, you can find so many categories that narrow down your choices, for example, if you want to name your daughter an American name, there’s a category for that, and if you want to find a name that starts with the letter A, then there’s another category for that, or if you’re looking for a biblical name, or a celestial name, or a name that is from literature or movies then you get a category for that too at Baby Name Generator. This tool really opens up so many doors for you and helps you find that perfect name for your little one.

So, parents, finding the perfect name for your baby doesn’t have to be an intimidating task after all. Keeping things short, I can say that the Baby Name Generator can find the most beautiful and perfect name for your precious little one in just a few clicks.