How to pick the perfect baby name

How to pick the perfect baby name

Deciding on the perfect name for your baby can surely be nerve-racking, but it can also be a thrilling task for you. You don’t consider how exhausting it can be to choose a name for another human being until you get hit in the face by millions of options on the internet, especially when you realize that your little bundle of joy is going to carry that name for their entire life. Intimidating, isn’t it?

האגדה שהלכה לעולמה: קובי בראיינט וההשפעה שלו על בחירת שמות לתינוק

האבל הפתאומי שנפל על עולם הספורט, גרם לנו לחשב מסלול מחדש ולבדוק עד כמה שמו של קובי בריאנט היה נפוץ לאורך השנים
מסתבר שדווקא בשנות התהילה של הכוכב, שמו נתן השראה לבחירת שם לאלפי הורים בארה”ב. מתי היה השיא? בואו נראה

Name Suggestions for the Newborn Royal Baby of Sussex

On Monday, the six of May, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, popularly known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, had their first royal child. Prince harry made the announcement on the royal couple’s Instagram page, confirming that it was a boy and both the mother and the baby were doing very good.
Like everyone else, we’re so excited about this (!!) and we can’t wait to hear the royal baby’s name. To make this a lot more interesting, we built a whole new section on our website for this purpose and we’d be glad to hurl up a whole list of name suggestions for the royal baby. We’re confident that we can help in this aspect through our Baby Name Generator and we’re welcoming the royal couple themselves to give it a try!

Game of Thrones Inspired Baby Names Are Gaining More Popularity Than Ever

Game of Thrones (GoT), one of the most watched series of all time, has begun taking its toll on many parents, now more than ever. They have a good reason to believe that certain names from this HBO series have a great meaning and aura attached to them.
Can you guess which Game of Thrones baby name is rocking at #1? Ready to get an inspiration for your baby’s name? Read below to know more about the top 5 blazing GoT names.