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William Name Origin


William is ranked #3 most popular baby name in 2017

Boy/Girl Chart

100% Male, 0% Female

Name Popularity Over Time

This graph illustrates how many babies were named William in the US

Celebrities Named William

William Moseley (Movies)
William Goldman (Books)
William Kennedy (Books)
William Bestick (Baseball)
William Brown (Baseball)
William Burke (Baseball)
William Coon (Baseball)
William Gallagher (Baseball)
William Houseman (Baseball)
William Johnson (Baseball)
William Kinsler (Baseball)
William Lackey (Baseball)
William Rexter (Baseball)
William Zay (Baseball)
William Abelyan (Boxer)
William Henry Harrison (Royal)
William Bowrey (Tennis)
William Clothier (Tennis)
William Glyn (Tennis)
William Larned (Tennis)
William Marshall (Tennis)
William Renshaw (Tennis)
William McKinley (Royal)
William Howard Taft (Royal)
Prince William Duke of Cambridge (Royal)

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