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Who is the Most Popular “Friends” Character?

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There has been a lot of contention on the topic of which character is the most popular among “Friends” viewers. The TV series is one of the best sitcom of all time and it gained lots of rating during its 10 seasons.

Viewers have openly expressed their opinions as to which names of the main characters―Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey―has stolen their hearts the most.

We’re here to provide you with our countdown of the name rankings of only five of the characters. Yes, we know you’re already asking the big question―what about Rachel? Truth is, we had to take her off this list because her name is so popular it is off the charts.

Just so we don’t strike a nerve here, this list is based on the amount of popularity gained yearly and not just within a period.

5. Monica

At the bottom of our least favourite character name is Monica. Apart from being very low in popularity rankings, the character is also seen as the least nice friend.

Monica Name Popularity Over Time
The name Monica declined over the years

The name hardly gained any popularity since the show premiered in 1994 and ended in 2004, as it rather declined every year.

In 1994, around 3912 baby girls were named Monica, and by the show ended in 2004, only 1512 baby girls per year. This represent a 61% decline over the ten seasons of “Friends”.

4. Ross

Coming up close to Monica is her brother Ross, who failed to impress the audience too. He’s portrayed as one who would do anything for his friends and those he dearly loves.

Ross Name Popularity Over Time
The smart paleontologist is ranked #4

The name obviously didn’t do much to impress the fans as it failed to rise high in popularity within the ten years of airing the TV series, from 1994 to 2004.

3. Joey

Moving up the list, our next most popular character would be Joey Tribbiani.

Joey Name Popularity Over Time
The beautiful Italian is ranked #3

Joey is loved by all and has been able to make viewers pick much interest in the name. Research has shown that there are more men than women who find Joey amusing.

The reason for his popularity isn’t far-fetched. Joey is portrayed as being very kind and goofy. The only thing that may set at loggerheads with him is if you steal his food! So, you may want to pick this name if your baby’s got a tender heart, is fun to be with and likable by strangers.

2. Chandler

The next name on the list is Chandler. Seen as the most hilarious and sarcastic friend by most viewers! He is largely known for his sarcastic nature and witty quips accompanied with a lovable personality.

Chandler Name Popularity Over Time
Sarcastic Chandler is ranked in the second place

The name has gained popularity as it is picked for a baby whose parents believe is always happy and fun to be with. Since the premiere, the baby boy name “chandler” gained more than 340% growth, from 700 boy births in 1994 to 2400 in 1999.

1. Phoebe

Finally, the most favorite character name is…. Phoebe!

She is funny, wonderfully weird and has a good heart. Fans love her because of her great guitar songs. One of the most unforgettable song is Smelly Cat.

Phoebe Name Popularity Over Time
Phoebe is the most popular “Friends” character

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