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Kristin Tiffiny

Kristin Tiffiny

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
4 Years
# of kids
2 Kids
Fashion Blogger
Taco Lover

About Kristin Tiffiny

Hi! I am Kristin Johnston of Strollers and Stilettos Blog. I began blogging after becoming a first time mom in 2016.

My tagline is "Maintaining style and a sense of self through motherhood" and so many mothers have reached out to me saying how much that speaks to them and their needs.

Moms still love to see the glimmer of who they were before - fun, stylish, and sexy!

Times have changed and now women can be all things - a mother, a wife, a dedicated worker, a caregiver - and they can be stylish and and remain true to themselves. I enjoy blogging on attainable fashion, easy beauty, and mom lifestyle tips!

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