Does My Stroller Meet The New Disney Park Restriction?

A Disney parks guide for confused parents

Disney Parks have just come up with a new policy that will only allow some strollers in. This policy is due to take effect as from May 1, 2019 and has begun buzzing across social media platforms. Several parents are worried and are left asking themselves the same question whether or not their stroller meets the required specifications required by Disney Parks.

If you and your family are already hyped up about spending this summer vacation at Disneyworld or Disneyland, then it becomes expedient that you run a double check to ensure that your child’s stroller will be permitted to enter into the park. It can be disheartening to discover that your stroller won’t be permitted into Disneyworld after spending extra bucks and time trying to purchase this “perfect” stroller.

So, we’ll be sharing this latest update from Disney alongside our own recent update on our website which will make it easier for you to find the strollers which will be accepted into the Disney parks.

Disney’s Stroller Restriction Policy

Disney has made it known to the public that strollers having a width greater than 31″ (79 cm) and length greater than 52″ (132cm) will be banned from entering the park as from May 1st 2019. It may well surprise to also know that stroller wagons will not be permitted into the premises as well. Popular double strollers like Baby Jogger City Mini Double, Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT, Bumbleride Indie, and Britax B-Agile to name a few are not affected by this policy change

Strollers having a width greater than 31″ (79 cm) and length greater than 52″ (132cm) will be banned

Disney’s Official Website

Looking at this on the brighter side, several double strollers and jogging strollers will not be affected by this policy as a good number of them still meet this requirement. However, the prohibition of stroller wagons may yet leave an indelible impact on parents. It’s known that wagons are currently banned, but to include stroller wagons? This will really affect parents who frequently use Keenz and Veer.

Disney will also allow parents to rent strollers at the parks or from other rental services as a lot of these strollers are okay for the requirements. In an attempt to explain the reason for this policy change, a staff at the Walt Disney World mentioned that they’re working on creating a spacious and less congested area where people can easily move around and have fun.

How SleeplessParent Comes Into The Picture

As a way of providing you with a better interface to help meet your needs based on Disney’s new policy, we have decided to update our website with a smart feature. This feature helps you to filter your search for strollers that meet up to Disney park standards.

If you’ve just discovered that your stroller is bigger than Disney’s accepted strollers,we recommend that you use this new feature to check our list of Disney park compatible strollers. It will help save you the stress of having to go through a lot of fuss in picking the right stroller for your next Disneyworld trip with your family.

Disney Park Compatible Stroller List

Check if Your Stroller Meet the New Disney Restrictions

We’ve got something big on our website too! For every Disney approved stroller, we’ll include a unique ‘Disney Park Compatible’ icon in the stroller page. See the baby jogger city mini double stroller for example:

Disney Park Compatible

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller