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Tom Meaning and Origin

Tom is a name that's been used by parents who are considering boy baby names.

Tom is currently #2429 on the baby names popularity charts in the U.S. in 2022.

Famous people named Tom are Tom Felton, Tom Perrotta, Tom Robbins.

Tom is a 3 letters name with 1 syllables.

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Tom name meaning

The name Tom is a diminutive of Thomas.

Name facts

3 letter name and 1 syllables


Tom is ranked #2429 most popular baby boy name in 2022

Gender chart

In 2022, 100% of babies named Tom were boys

Name popularity in the US

This graph illustrates how many babies were named Tom in the US

Name popularity in Canada

This graph illustrates how many babies were named Tom in Canada

Celebrities named Tom

Tom Felton (Movies)
Tom Perrotta (Literature)
Tom Robbins (Literature)
Tom Wolfe (Literature)
Tom Bannon (Baseball)
Tom Barlow (Baseball)
Tom Berry (Baseball)
Tom Brown (Tennis)
Tom Burns (Baseball)
Tom Cahill (Baseball)
Tom Carey (Baseball)
Tom Colcolough (Baseball)
Tom Cotter (Baseball)
Tom Daly (Baseball)
Tom Delahanty (Baseball)
Tom Dolan (Baseball)
Tom Dowse (Baseball)
Tom Evers (Baseball)
Tom Fleming (Baseball)
Tom Foley (Baseball)
Tom Ford (Fashion)
Tom Forster (Baseball)
Tom Gettinger (Baseball)
Tom Gillen (Baseball)
Tom Gunning (Baseball)
Tom Hart (Baseball)
Tom Healey (Baseball)
Tom Hernon (Baseball)
Tom Hess (Baseball)
Tom Hughes (Baseball)
Tom Kearns (Baseball)
Tom Kinslow (Baseball)
Tom Leahy (Baseball)
Tom Letcher (Baseball)
Tom Lipp (Baseball)
Tom Loftus (Baseball)
Tom Lovett (Baseball)
Tom Mansell (Baseball)
Tom McCreery (Baseball)
Tom McLaughlin (Baseball)
Tom Messitt (Baseball)
Tom Miller (Baseball)
Tom Morrison (Baseball)
Tom Morrissey (Baseball)
Tom Murray (Baseball)
Tom Nagle (Baseball)
Tom Niland (Baseball)
Tom O'Meara (Baseball)
Tom Oran (Baseball)
Tom O'Rourke (Baseball)
Tom Parrott (Baseball)
Tom Patterson (Baseball)
Tom Poorman (Baseball)
Tom Power (Baseball)
Tom Pratt (Baseball)
Tom Quinn (Baseball)
Tom Ryder (Baseball)
Tom Sexton (Baseball)
Tom Stouch (Baseball)
Tom Sullivan (Baseball)
Tom Terrell (Baseball)
Tom Thomas (Baseball)
Tom Vickery (Baseball)
Tom Williams (Baseball)
Tom York (Baseball)
Tom Owens (Basketball)
Tom Hanks (Movies)
Tom Cruise (Movies)
Tom OMeara (Baseball)
Tom ORourke (Baseball)
Tom Heeney (Boxer)
Tom Sayers (Boxer)
Tom Sharkey (Boxer)
Tom Zbikowski (Boxer)
Tom Bundy (Tennis)
Tom Gorman (Tennis)
Tom Gullikson (Tennis)
Tom Okker (Tennis)
Tom Addison (Sport)
Tom Beer (Sport)
Tom Beier (Sport)
Tom Buckman (Sport)
Tom Budrewicz (Sport)
Tom Cassese (Sport)
Tom Cichowski (Sport)
Tom Day (Sport)
Tom Dimitroff (Sport)
Tom Dimmick (Sport)
Tom Domres (Sport)
Tom Erlandson (Sport)
Tom Flores (Sport)
Tom Funchess (Sport)
Tom Fussell (Sport)
Tom Good (Sport)
Tom Goode (Sport)
Tom Greene (Sport)
Tom Hennessey (Sport)
Tom Janik (Sport)
Tom Keating (Sport)
Tom Louderback (Sport)
Tom Minter (Sport)
Tom Mitchell (Sport)
Tom Morrow (Sport)
Tom Neumann (Sport)
Tom Neville (Sport)
Tom Nomina (Sport)
Tom Oberg (Sport)
Tom Pennington (Sport)
Tom Regner (Sport)
Tom Richardson (Sport)
Tom Rychlec (Sport)
Tom Saidock (Sport)
Tom Sestak (Sport)
Tom Sherman (Sport)
Tom Smiley (Sport)
Tom Stephens (Sport)
Tom Yewcic (Sport)
Tom Mathisen (Movies)
Tom Remlov (Movies)
Tom Tellefsen (Movies)
Tom Anderson ()
Tom Johnson ()

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Tom - FAQ

What is the meaning of the name Tom?
The meaning of the name Tom is The name Tom is a diminutive of Thomas..
What is the origin of the name Tom?
The origin of the name Tom is .
Is Tom a girl or boy name?
The name Tom is a masculine name. According to our statistics, 100.00% of babies called Tom were boys, 0.00% of babies called Tom were girls.
What is the popularity of the name Tom?
According to statistics, Tom is ranked 2429th most popular boy name in the US, in 2022.
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