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Jim Meaning and Origin

Jim is English given name meaning supplanter.

Jim is a name that's been used by parents who are considering boy baby names.

Jim is currently #3416 on the baby names popularity charts in the U.S. in 2022.

Famous people named Jim are Jim Morrison, Jim Harrison, Jim Adams.

Jim is a 3 letters name with 1 syllables.

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Jim name meaning


Jim name origin


Name facts

3 letter name and 1 syllables


Jim is ranked #3416 most popular baby boy name in 2022

Gender chart

In 2022, 100% of babies named Jim were boys

Name popularity in the US

This graph illustrates how many babies were named Jim in the US

Name popularity in Canada

This graph illustrates how many babies were named Jim in Canada

Celebrities named Jim

Jim Morrison (Music)
Jim Harrison (Literature)
Jim Adams (Baseball)
Jim Andrews (Baseball)
Jim Banning (Baseball)
Jim Britt (Baseball)
Jim Brown (Baseball)
Jim Burns (Baseball)
Jim Canavan (Baseball)
Jim Carleton (Baseball)
Jim Chatterton (Baseball)
Jim Clinton (Baseball)
Jim Connor (Baseball)
Jim Conway (Baseball)
Jim Creighton (Baseball)
Jim Cudworth (Baseball)
Jim Curtiss (Baseball)
Jim Dee (Baseball)
Jim Devlin (Baseball)
Jim Donahue (Baseball)
Jim Donnelly (Baseball)
Jim Duncan (Baseball)
Jim Egan (Baseball)
Jim Field (Baseball)
Jim Fogarty (Baseball)
Jim Foran (Baseball)
Jim Gardner (Baseball)
Jim Garry (Baseball)
Jim Gill (Baseball)
Jim Gillespie (Baseball)
Jim Gilman (Baseball)
Jim Gilmore (Baseball)
Jim Gray (Sport)
Jim Green (Baseball)
Jim Hall (Boxer)
Jim Halpin (Baseball)
Jim Handiboe (Baseball)
Jim Holdsworth (Baseball)
Jim Hughey (Baseball)
Jim Hyndman (Baseball)
Jim Jones (Baseball)
Jim Keenan (Baseball)
Jim Korwan (Baseball)
Jim Lillie (Baseball)
Jim Long (Baseball)
Jim Manning (Baseball)
Jim McCauley (Baseball)
Jim McCormick (Baseball)
Jim McDonald (Baseball)
Jim McElroy (Baseball)
Jim McGinley (Baseball)
Jim McKeever (Baseball)
Jim McLaughlin (Baseball)
Jim McTamany (Baseball)
Jim Mutrie (Baseball)
Jim O'Rourke (Baseball)
Jim Powell (Baseball)
Jim Powers (Baseball)
Jim Ritz (Baseball)
Jim Rogers (Baseball)
Jim Roxburgh (Baseball)
Jim Shanley (Baseball)
Jim Snyder (Baseball)
Jim Sullivan (Baseball)
Jim Tipper (Baseball)
Jim Toy (Baseball)
Jim Tray (Baseball)
Jim Tyng (Baseball)
Jim Ward (Baseball)
Jim Whitney (Baseball)
Jim Eakins (Basketball)
Jim ORourke (Baseball)
Jim Watt (Boxer)
Jim Courier (Tennis)
Jim Grabb (Tennis)
Jim Osborne (Tennis)
Jim Pugh (Tennis)
Jim Allison (Sport)
Jim Apple (Sport)
Jim Barton (Sport)
Jim Beirne (Sport)
Jim Boudreaux (Sport)
Jim Brewington (Sport)
Jim Campbell (Sport)
Jim Carroll (Sport)
Jim Cheyunski (Sport)
Jim Colclough (Sport)
Jim Corcoran (Sport)
Jim Cox (Sport)
Jim Crawford (Sport)
Jim Crotty (Sport)
Jim Dunaway (Sport)
Jim Eifrid (Sport)
Jim Evans (Sport)
Jim Fetherston (Sport)
Jim Fraser (Sport)
Jim Furey (Sport)
Jim Greer (Sport)
Jim Griffin (Sport)
Jim Harris (Sport)
Jim Harvey (Sport)
Jim Hayes (Sport)
Jim Higgins (Sport)
Jim Hill (Sport)
Jim Hudson (Sport)
Jim Johnson (Sport)
Jim Kearney (Sport)
Jim Kiick (Sport)
Jim LeClair (Sport)
Jim Lee Hunt (Sport)
Jim LeMoine (Sport)
Jim Lynch (Sport)
Jim Marsalis (Sport)
Jim McCusker (Sport)
Jim McMillin (Sport)
Jim Mertens (Sport)
Jim Nance (Sport)
Jim Norris (Sport)
Jim Norton (Sport)
Jim OMahoney (Sport)
Jim Otto (Sport)
Jim Perkins (Sport)
Jim Price (Sport)
Jim Richards (Sport)
Jim Riley (Sport)
Jim Schmedding (Sport)
Jim Sears (Sport)
Jim Sorey (Sport)
Jim Stinnette (Sport)
Jim Summers (Sport)
Jim Swink (Sport)
Jim Thibert (Sport)
Jim Thompson (Sport)
Jim Tiller (Sport)
Jim Tolbert (Sport)
Jim Turner (Sport)
Jim Tyrer (Sport)
Jim Urbanek (Sport)
Jim Wagstaff (Sport)
Jim Waskiewicz (Sport)
Jim Whalen (Sport)
Jim Williams (Sport)
Jim Wright (Sport)
Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet (Movies)
Treasure Planet (Movies)
Jim Stärk (Music)
Jim Steinman ()

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Jim - FAQ

What is the meaning of the name Jim?
The meaning of the name Jim is supplanter.
What is the origin of the name Jim?
The origin of the name Jim is English .
Is Jim a girl or boy name?
The name Jim is a masculine name. According to our statistics, 100.00% of babies called Jim were boys, 0.00% of babies called Jim were girls.
What is the popularity of the name Jim?
According to statistics, Jim is ranked 3416th most popular boy name in the US, in 2022.
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