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When it comes to your little one, you want nothing but the best for them. And what’s the best name for a girl? A cute, unique name! But which one? Well, that depends on many factors. The time of the year, her birthday and more. Luckily, not every girl has the same traits. For example, some might be more outgoing than others. Some might like playing outdoors while others prefer staying inside or watching TV all day long. And if you have several girls in your home or a large family, your choice of girl names can be even trickier! To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of girl names that are cute, unique and great for girls! Read on to find out more about these names and also discover their meanings if you want to get even more information before making your decision.

Popular baby girl names

You can't go wrong with these popular, classic baby girl names

What are the most popular baby girl names 2022? Olivia, Emma and Charlotte are still dominating this list. Add a name you love to your names' list by tapping the heart button. Browse thousands of popular baby girl names below:

Unique girl names

Beatrice, Terah?

There are so many cute, unique baby girl names that you can use. It’s true- there are also a lot of silly ones. There’s something for everyone with all the different options out there. But what makes these names so special? Some of them are related to nature, others have to do with fairy tales, and some are just plain weird. When you think of fairy tales, what comes to mind? Obviously, there are some classics like Cinderella and Snow White. But there are also more recent ones like The Hunger Games and Twilight. These books and movies always include a fairytale-inspired name for the protagonist or a character in the story. Take these names as inspiration for your baby girl: Aurora, Jasmine, Mila, Nadia, Rapunzel, Zelena. Keep browsing to find more unique baby girl names.

Unisex baby names

Avery, Nova and Riley, unisex baby names are trending in 2022

The term unisex is a convenient way to describe names that are typically considered gender-neutral and can be used for either boys or girls. This means that you could use the same name on a baby boy and on a baby girl, as well as on a baby male or female. The reasons why a name is unisex might vary. A name might be unisex because it has traditionally been used by both genders, such as William or Emily, which were unaffiliated with any specific sex until recently, when they became more popularly associated with the opposite sex. Other names, like Ashley and Taylor, are unisex because of their trendy nature – each year these names gain popularity with different genders. No matter what the cause might be, getting your child an unisex name is always an option. The best unisex baby girl names for your little one won’t be easy to find. To help you out, we’ve narrowed down our list of the top 100 unisex baby girl names for 2022:

Short girl names

Everyone will remember these short baby girl names

Focus on short girl names with endearing meanings when naming your little one. A name that can be easily remembered and spoken by another person is always a plus when naming your baby. Short names are trending because they are easy to remember and speak. In the digital age, it's a lot easier to remember a short name than a long one. The shorter your name is, the more likely it will be that someone else can easily pronounce it if you forget how to say it as well. Here are the most gorgeous short baby girl names:

Long baby girl names

Long baby names have their unique identity

Long baby names are popular for a reason. They have a distinct name that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. You know you will have an impact on your daughter’s life and that she will have a unique identity in contrast to everyone else in her class. That is something many parents hope for their children. A long baby girl name gets attention when people read it. If you're looking for a long baby girl name, consider using one of these long baby girl names.

Biblical girl names

Sarah, Jordan and Delilah. Biblical baby girl names are here to stay

In today’s connected world, it’s not unusual for people to be exposed to a wide variety of different cultures and traditions. This is especially true when it comes to babies. With an increasing number of baby names, parents are looking for something that reflects their own individual beliefs, values, and cultural traditions. But what about the more traditional aspects of baby naming? Checkout these biblical baby girl names:

Celestial girl names

Saturn, Aurora. Space inspired baby girl names are the cutest

Influenced by space these names are plain beautiful:

Nature girl names

Stella, Marina and Celeste

Nature is everywhere, it's magical and relaxing. As your little baby girl.. Here are the top nautre baby girl names:

Mythology girl names

Alexandra and Helen. Mythology girl names represents strength

History and mythology play a great part when choosing a name for your baby. Consider the following baby names:

Girl names by origin

Some parents prefer to go by origin

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Girl names by syllables

2, 3 or 4 syllables. It's your call

Short or long? Browsing by syllables can help you choose:

Girl names that start with A-Z

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Girl names that end with A-Z

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