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George Meaning and Origin

George is English, Greek given name meaning The name George is of Greek origin and means "farmer"..

George is a name that's been used by parents who are considering boy baby names.

George is currently #142 on the baby names popularity charts in the U.S. in 2022.

Famous people named George are King George VI, George Harrison, George Eliot.

George is a 6 letters name with 1 syllables.

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George name meaning

The name George is of Greek origin and means "farmer".

George name origin

English Greek

Name facts

6 letter name and 1 syllables


George is ranked #142 most popular baby boy name in 2022

Gender chart

In 2022, 100% of babies named George were boys

Name popularity in the US

This graph illustrates how many babies were named George in the US

Name popularity in Canada

This graph illustrates how many babies were named George in Canada

Celebrities named George

King George VI (Royal)
George Harrison (Music)
George Eliot (Literature)
George Adams (Baseball)
George Baker (Baseball)
George Bausewine (Baseball)
George Bechtel (Baseball)
George Bignell (Baseball)
George Bird (Baseball)
George Blackburn (Baseball)
George Boone (Baseball)
George Borchers (Baseball)
George Bradley (Baseball)
George Bristow (Baseball)
George Bryant (Baseball)
George Carman (Baseball)
George Cobb (Baseball)
George Crawford (Baseball)
George Creamer (Baseball)
George Crosby (Baseball)
George Daisy (Baseball)
George Darby (Baseball)
George Davies (Baseball)
George Davis (Baseball)
George Decker (Baseball)
George Derby (Baseball)
George Ewell (Baseball)
George Fair (Baseball)
George Fields (Sport)
George Fisher (Baseball)
George Fletcher (Baseball)
George Flynn (Baseball)
George Fox (Baseball)
George Gillpatrick (Baseball)
George Goetz (Baseball)
George Gore (Baseball)
George Haddock (Baseball)
George Hall (Baseball)
George Harper (Baseball)
George Hemming (Baseball)
George Henry (Baseball)
George Heubel (Baseball)
George Hodson (Baseball)
George Hogriever (Baseball)
George Joyce (Baseball)
George Keefe (Baseball)
George Keerl (Baseball)
George Kelb (Baseball)
George Knight (Baseball)
George Magoon (Baseball)
George Mappes (Baseball)
George McMillan (Baseball)
George McVey (Baseball)
George Meakim (Baseball)
George Meister (Baseball)
George Miller (Baseball)
George Moolic (Baseball)
George Mundinger (Baseball)
George Nicol (Baseball)
George Noftsker (Baseball)
George Patterson (Baseball)
George Paynter (Baseball)
George Pechiney (Baseball)
George Pinkney (Baseball)
George Popplein (Baseball)
George Proeser (Baseball)
George Radbourn (Baseball)
George Rettger (Baseball)
George Rooks (Baseball)
George Seward (Baseball)
George Sharrott (Baseball)
George Shoch (Baseball)
George Snyder (Baseball)
George Stallings (Baseball)
George Strief (Baseball)
George Stultz (Baseball)
George Tebeau (Baseball)
George Townsend (Baseball)
George Treadway (Baseball)
George Trenwith (Baseball)
George Ulrich (Baseball)
George Walker (Baseball)
George Wetzel (Baseball)
George Wheeler (Baseball)
George Winkelman (Baseball)
George Winkleman (Baseball)
George Wood (Baseball)
George Wright (Baseball)
George Yeager (Baseball)
George Zettlein (Baseball)
George Ziegler (Baseball)
George Gervin (Basketball)
George Yardley (Basketball)
George Washington (Royal)
George Chuvalo (Boxer)
George Dixon (Boxer)
George Foreman (Boxer)
George Godfrey (Boxer)
George Olteanu (Boxer)
George Scott (Boxer)
George E. Richards (Tennis)
George Lott (Tennis)
George Lyttleton-Rogers (Tennis)
George Wrenn (Tennis)
George Allen (Sport)
George Atkinson (Sport)
George Belotti (Sport)
George Blair (Sport)
George Blanda (Sport)
George Boynton (Sport)
George Buehler (Sport)
George Byrd (Sport)
George Chesser (Sport)
George Daney (Sport)
George Fleming (Sport)
George Flint (Sport)
George Gaiser (Sport)
George Goeddeke (Sport)
George Gross (Sport)
George Herring (Sport)
George Kinney (Sport)
George McGee (Sport)
George Nock (Sport)
George Pyne (Sport)
George Rice (Sport)
George Saimes (Sport)
George Sauer Jr. (Sport)
George Shaw (Sport)
George Shirkey (Sport)
George Strugar (Sport)
George Tarasovic (Sport)
George Webster (Sport)
George Wilson (Sport)
George H. W. Bush (Royal)
George W. Bush (Royal)
Prince George of Cambridge (Royal)
George Darling from Peter Pan (Movies)
George Sand (Literature)
George Antheil ()
George C. Baker ()
George Benjamin ()
George Botsford ()
George Frederick Bristow ()
George Butterworth ()
George Whitefield Chadwick ()
George M. Cohan ()
George Crumb ()
George Draga ()
George Dyson ()
George Enescu ()
George Fenton ()
George Gershwin ()
George Frideric Handel ()
George Jeffreys ()
George Kirbye ()
George de La Hèle ()
George Alexander Lee ()
George Linley ()
George Linstead ()
George Lloyd ()
George Loder ()
George Alexander Macfarren ()
George O'Kelly ()
George Onslow ()
George Alexander Osborne ()
George Perle ()
George Perry ()
George Pinto ()
George Rochberg ()
George Stephănescu ()
George Strong ()
George Thalben-Ball ()
George Tolhurst ()
George William Torrance ()
George Walker ()
George James Webb ()

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George - FAQ

What is the meaning of the name George?
The meaning of the name George is The name George is of Greek origin and means "farmer"..
What is the origin of the name George?
The origin of the name George is English Greek .
Is George a girl or boy name?
The name George is a masculine name. According to our statistics, 100.00% of babies called George were boys, 0.00% of babies called George were girls.
What is the popularity of the name George?
According to statistics, George is ranked 142th most popular boy name in the US, in 2022.
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