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Frank Meaning and Origin

Frank is English given name meaning The name "Frank" is of German origin and means "free man"..

Frank is a name that's been used by parents who are considering boy baby names.

Frank is currently #439 on the baby names popularity charts in the U.S. in 2022.

Famous people named Frank are Frank Zappa, Frank Sinatra, Frank Abercrombie.

Frank is a 5 letters name with 1 syllables.

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Frank name meaning

The name "Frank" is of German origin and means "free man".

Frank name origin


Name facts

5 letter name and 1 syllables


Frank is ranked #439 most popular baby boy name in 2022

Gender chart

In 2022, 100% of babies named Frank were boys

Name popularity in the US

This graph illustrates how many babies were named Frank in the US

Name popularity in Canada

This graph illustrates how many babies were named Frank in Canada

Celebrities named Frank

Frank Zappa (Music)
Frank Sinatra (Music)
Frank Abercrombie (Baseball)
Frank Bahret (Baseball)
Frank Barrows (Baseball)
Frank Bates (Baseball)
Frank Beck (Baseball)
Frank Bell (Baseball)
Frank Berkelbach (Baseball)
Frank Bird (Baseball)
Frank Bishop (Baseball)
Frank Bliss (Baseball)
Frank Bonner (Baseball)
Frank Bowerman (Baseball)
Frank Bowes (Baseball)
Frank Boyd (Baseball)
Frank Brill (Baseball)
Frank Burt (Baseball)
Frank Butler (Baseball)
Frank Buttery (Baseball)
Frank Chance (Baseball)
Frank Chapman (Baseball)
Frank Connaughton (Baseball)
Frank Cox (Baseball)
Frank Decker (Baseball)
Frank Diven (Baseball)
Frank Donnelly (Baseball)
Frank Dwyer (Baseball)
Frank Eustace (Baseball)
Frank Fennelly (Baseball)
Frank Figgemeier (Baseball)
Frank Fleet (Baseball)
Frank Foreman (Baseball)
Frank Freund (Baseball)
Frank Gatins (Baseball)
Frank Genins (Baseball)
Frank Graves (Baseball)
Frank Griffith (Baseball)
Frank Hafner (Baseball)
Frank Hankinson (Baseball)
Frank Hansford (Baseball)
Frank Harris (Baseball)
Frank Heifer (Baseball)
Frank Hoffman (Baseball)
Frank Huelsman (Baseball)
Frank Isbell (Baseball)
Frank Jones (Baseball)
Frank Keffer (Baseball)
Frank Killen (Baseball)
Frank Kitson (Baseball)
Frank Knauss (Baseball)
Frank Kreeger (Baseball)
Frank Martin (Baseball)
Frank McCarton (Baseball)
Frank McGinn (Baseball)
Frank McIntyre (Baseball)
Frank McKee (Baseball)
Frank McKenna (Baseball)
Frank McLaughlin (Baseball)
Frank McManus (Baseball)
Frank McPartlin (Baseball)
Frank Meinke (Baseball)
Frank Millard (Baseball)
Frank Monroe (Baseball)
Frank Motz (Baseball)
Frank Mountain (Baseball)
Frank Norton (Baseball)
Frank O'Connor (Baseball)
Frank Pearce (Baseball)
Frank Pears (Baseball)
Frank Pidgeon (Baseball)
Frank Quinlan (Baseball)
Frank Quinn (Baseball)
Frank Ringo (Baseball)
Frank Scheibeck (Baseball)
Frank Sellman (Baseball)
Frank Shannon (Baseball)
Frank Shugart (Baseball)
Frank Siffell (Baseball)
Frank Smith (Baseball)
Frank Thompson (Baseball)
Frank Todd (Baseball)
Frank West (Baseball)
Frank Whitney (Baseball)
Frank Zinn (Baseball)
Frank Bruno (Boxer)
Frank OConnor (Baseball)
Frank Froehling (Tennis)
Frank Hadow (Tennis)
Frank Parker (Tennis)
Frank Riseley (Tennis)
Frank Sedgman (Tennis)
Frank Shields (Tennis)
Frank Atkinson (Sport)
Frank Bernardi (Sport)
Frank Buncom (Sport)
Frank DAgostino (Sport)
Frank Emanuel (Sport)
Frank Jackson (Sport)
Frank Jackunas (Sport)
Frank Kuchta (Sport)
Frank Marsh (Sport)
Frank Peters (Sport)
Frank Pitts (Sport)
Frank Quayle (Sport)
Frank Richter (Sport)
Frank Robotti (Sport)
Frank Tripucka (Sport)
Frank Youso (Sport)
The Rescuers Down Under (Movies)
Frank Kjosås (Movies)
Frank Krog (Movies)
Frank Robert (Movies)
Frank Michael Beyer ()
Frank Bridge ()
Frank Corcoran ()
Frank Ferko ()
Frank La Rocca ()
Frank Lewin ()
Frank Loesser ()
Frank Martin ()
Frank Ricotti ()
Frank Ticheli ()
Frank Zappa ()

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Frank - FAQ

What is the meaning of the name Frank?
The meaning of the name Frank is The name "Frank" is of German origin and means "free man"..
What is the origin of the name Frank?
The origin of the name Frank is English .
Is Frank a girl or boy name?
The name Frank is a masculine name. According to our statistics, 100.00% of babies called Frank were boys, 0.00% of babies called Frank were girls.
What is the popularity of the name Frank?
According to statistics, Frank is ranked 439th most popular boy name in the US, in 2022.
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