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The baby name trend is ever-changing. Popular boy names change from year to year and can even vary from region to region. The most popular baby names for boys in the United States in 2022 are different than they were 10 years ago, and they will likely be different again in a few short years. However, there are some recurring trends when it comes to which names are becoming more popular. Keep reading to find out what baby boy names are trending right now, their meaning, origin and more.

Popular boy names

Liam is here to stay

People love popular baby boy names. Here is a list of thousands most popular baby boy names:

Unique boy names

Keith, Darius and Kobe. Go with unique baby boy names

Your child is unique, why not choose a unizue baby boy for him? These unique baby boy names will leave a mark, just like your little one. Check them out:

Unisex names

Skyler, Logan and Cameron

Unisex names are name that are considered to be used for boys and girl alike. It's a growing trend that will probably take off in the next couple of years. Browse hundreds of unisex names:

Short boy names

Max, John and Danny. Short, cute and great options for short baby boy names

Everyone remembers short baby boy names. See here:

Long boy names

Benjamin will always be a classic

His name will standout from the crowd. Scroll through long baby boy names:

Biblical boy names

These biblical boy names are always a good idea

If you're into traditional baby boy names, you can always use biblical names. They are filled with tradition, very popular and easy to remember:

Celestial boy names

Cyrus will shine bright

Everyone love space. Choose a space related boy name:

Nature boy names

Dakota, Stone or Cliff?

When searching for influence, go to mother nature.. Checkout the most inpsiring nature baby boy names:

Mythology boy names

Oscar, Hector or Arthur

Mythology has a great effect on people. Get some ideas from mythology:

Boy names by origin

American, Italian or maybe Scottish baby boy name?

Sometimes it's much easier to choose a name by origin. See here:

Boy names by syllables

2, 3 or maybe 7 syllables?

Some parents prefer the easy way, go by syallables:

Names that start with

Names that start with A-Z

Into names that start with a certain letter? See here:

Names that end with

Names that end with A-Z

Into names that end with a certain letter? See here:

Boy names lists

Browse other baby girl' lists combinations

Other cool baby girl names lists: